The Wayfinders program by the Windship Cooperative is an innovative approach to alternate energy education. It involves a group of youth using only bicycles and trailers on land, and a sailing boat at sea to transport a load of South Shore produced cargo to Halifax to sell at market. Zero emissions from the point of production to the point of sale. By modelling change in the shipping of goods, participants learn that environmentally sustainable practices are possible within the context of their own lives. Down the road, Wayfinders may chose to cycle instead of hopping in the car, and chose to source the energy for their homes from the wind and sun instead of carbon-laden fossil fuels. Keep watching this site. We hope to have our first trip sailing out of Lunenburg harbour this summer!

Exciting News! 

The Windship Cooperative’s Wayfinders Program has been accepted as one of Energize Bridgewater’s Living Energy Lab Projects. The Living Energy Lab has provided us with a media package to help promote our new initiative as well as on-going support throughout 2017. Cheers Energize Bridgewater!

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